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myPAQ's Stress-Free Tips & Tricks

As the month of April begins, a series of presentations, lab tests, practical tests and report submissions approach closely followed by final exams. This month for students is just as stressful as the prior statement sounds. To make it even harder for students, all the educational institutes are closed for in-person studies and students are not only studying remotely (online) but also will be writing exams online. This shift has made exam period more stressful for students. But are only students stressed? Is this the same case with people who are working from home?

According to a 2017 research study conducted by United Nations (UN), 41% of ‘highly mobile’ employees are more stressed than the 25% of employees who prefer to work on-site. However, when covid-19 came into picture, ‘working home’ has become the new normal. Does it mean that the stress level has increased more than ever for working people?

Before talking about how to be stress-free as this article/ blog is titled, let’s first find out why are people so stressed on the first place.

According to the FlexJobs survey, 65% of ‘working/studying from home’ respondents find it more productive. But let’s not forget the setbacks ‘working/studying remotely’ brings:

  • No separation between work time and personal/family/ leisure time leading to difficulty in setting boundaries.

  • Higher chances of misunderstanding between team members due to social isolation.

  • More distractions lead to lack of focus.

  • Lead to an unhealthier lifestyle.

  • Stress associated with mobile devices.

So how can people who are working/studying from home overcome these challenges? We’ve put together a list of ways that individuals can reduce their stress:

  1. Create a schedule by prioritizing the most productive hours and challenging tasks.

  2. Communicate regularly with your colleagues/peers and managers/professors by conducting regular meetings to avoid misunderstandings.

  3. Treat it like a real job/classroom by keeping your study/workstation organized at home and getting dressed.

  4. Reward yourself and stay positive (and don’t be too hard on yourself) by exercising, eating and sleeping well and on time.

At myPAQ, we recognize all the challenges that come with working from home and we highly recommend implementing these tips to improve your work life balance. Do you think we missed anything? Reach out to us and let us know!

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