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About Us

We're a start-up based out of Halifax, Canada. 


We've come up with a great solution to reduce plastic waste and enable anyone to get their everyday essentials in a sustainable way.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What Does myPAQ Do?


We identify a product that uses single-use or redundant packaging


We install the system in a high-density location like an apartment building 


We design a system that eliminates the need for packaging


Waste is eliminated, costs are reduced, and convenience is increased


Our Mission

To reduce the need for plastic packaging for personal care and cleaning products.

Only 1 in 10 plastic bottles get fully recycled. The rest either end up in landfills or get incinerated. A change needs to be made. myPAQ wants to create a shift towards refilling our everyday products rather than buying new bottles.

Our Team

Headshot 2022.jpg

Jared Hudson

Co-founder & CEO

Our Team
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