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Our Dispensers

Everything you need to know

  • How can I get a dispenser for my building?
    We are currently taking reservations for our first round of dispensers. Depending on the building type we will either provide the machine for free or at cost. Contact Jared at to reserve a dispenser today!
  • What type of payment does the dispenser accept?
    Our dispensers accept all forms of cashless payment such as Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. No hassle of counting coins, rolling coins, and making manual deposits as the terminal's electronic payment is automatically processed and deposited.
  • How many sheets does the dispenser hold?
    The dispenser can hold up to 200 sheets! The red LED will turn on when there are less than 5 sheets left
  • Can the dispenser mount to the wall?
    Yes, our dispenser is light and can be safely mounted to the wall via a French cleat hanging system. The system locks from the inside preventing anyone from unmounting the dispenser without a key.
  • What kind of power does the machine require?
    The machine only requires one socket and uses minimal energy.
  • How do you refill the dispenser?
    To refill the dispenser: Unlock the dispenser Lift the top off Remove the weight from the sheet slot Place 1 sheet in the slot then the remainder Place the weight on top of the sheets Put the top half of the dispenser back on and lock it The video below shows the process
  • What do the different LED colours mean?
    Green: ready to dispense Yellow: dispensing or getting ready to dispense Red: Empty or there is a jam

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